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muzzleloader underhammer rifles, underhammer pistols
muzzleloader underhammer rifles Billinghurst Whitworth and Vetterli
muzzleloader underhammer rifles Billinghurst Whitworth
muzzleloader underhammer rifles Billinghurst Vetterli
flintlock rifle Tatham & Egg
muzzleloader underhammer pistols Billinghurst Graves Optimum Davis


     Tilo Dedinski Vorderladerwaffenbau

Underhammer rifle 100m (Whitworth)
muzzleloader underhammer rifle whitworth
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Underhammer rifle 50m (Vetterli)
muzzleloader underhammer rifle Vetterli
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Flintlock rifle Tatham & Egg
Flintlock rifle Tatham & Egg
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persuasive advantages
Pfeil Free-floating barrel (by underhammer rifles) fitted to action by breech bolt, no interference by the fore stock.
Pfeil Fast development of the fired shot by an excellently adjusted direct trigger. Extremely short ignition (without detours) right in the centre of the charge.
Pfeil Improved probability of hitting by individual adaptation of the dimensions of the stock. An old rule says: "The barrel shoots, but the stock hits"!
Pfeil Reliable function and long use due to less wear and tear of parts.

The weapon is proof-fired in the proofhouse Suhl and shows the stamp woth sole and pick.
Suhl is the oldest proofhouse in Germany, it was founded in 1893 as the Royal Prussian Proofhouse zu Suhl.



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